Friday, February 8, 2013

Second Life of my Jean's Skirt

Let's take up the hem

I had a 36 inches long jean's shirt that was collecting dust in my closet and seemed that I did not want to give it away. I bought the jean's skirt 10 years ago and after all that time I could still wear it. So, I decided to give a new look to the shirt by making it shorter. It is fashionable right now with a pair of leggings and living in Colorado, a jean's shirt cannot be outdated with a pair of nice boots...

Before - 36 inches long
After - 20 and 1/2 inches long

Time: It is a perfect afternoon project for nap time.

Difficulty: Easy

Materials: Skirt and brown thread


Project Description:

It is pretty straight forward. After you have decided of the length that you are comfortable with (just above the knee for me) cut the extra piece of fabric. I left around 1 inch for the hem which I folded in half.

Tips: If you are working with an existing piece of clothing keep everything uniform such as the color of the thread, width of the hem, and stitch length

Happy New Wardrobe!

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