My 5/10K Races and 1/2 Marathon

- 2014 RACES - 

Denver Colfax Marathon - Sunday, October 19th - 2 h 31 min and so PROUD of it!!!!!!!

- 2013 RACES - 

  • November 21st: Pumpkin Pie Race 5K/10K
After finishing the race, we enjoyed a nice, generous and tasty slice of pumpkin pie with some whipped cream. I walked that race with my husband and little guy and some friends. The slice of pumpkin pie was the motivation point for my husband ;-) We might do it again next year!


  • July 13th: Sand Creek Half Marathon 5K/10K

I will be running the 10K. My last one was in 2004! What happened?!

On your mark. Get set. Go

I finished the race. It was hot and humid. Yes, humid in Denver!?! It was my slowest time ever for a 10K but I DID IT! A half marathon and marathon still look very appealing. I will find the time and energy to do it! 

  • March 16th: St Patty's Day River Run (San Antonio Texas)
Too Cold To Hold 2009The 5K race will be benefiting El Pasea Del Rio Association.

My 1st race out of state. Hope my time will be great because I will be at sea level.

Click on the following link for more information about the race: 

  • February 16th: Le Cours de l'Amour (Denver, Colorado)

The race is fundraising for the " Heart and Hand Center runs an after-school program for at-risk youth, located in the Northeast Denver Five Point community. The Center provides programming for 60 youth between the ages of 6 and 16 each evening after school. All Heart & Hand programs are offered free of charge to participants." (Retrieved January 18th, 2013 from

Click on the following link for information about the race:

First 5K for 2013
Let's hope that it will not be too cold the day of the Race!!!

I was surrounded by my Very Special Fan group for the race: my husband and our little guy!
It was nice and warm (41F) and even a little bit hot at time during the race....
My time was 10:49 per mile. Pretty Happy about it! ;-)

- 2012 RACES -

  • December 22nd: Christmas Coral Classic (Denver, Colorado)
Done - Man! It was cold.... 28F
The race will benefit the Denver Children's Home which is one of Denver oldest organization (136 year old) "restores hope and health to traumatized children and families through a comprehensive array of therapeutic, educational, and community-based services". (Retrieved October 28, 2012 from

Click on the following links if you want to learn more about this organisation and the event: The Denver Children' s Home and Christmas Coral Classic - 2012 Race

  • October 27th: Denver Gorilla Run (Denver, Colorado)

All Line up and Ready for the Race

The Race benefits the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund which is "is dedicated to the conservation and protection of the highly endangered Mountain Gorilla in Africa, their habitat, and working with the people around the National Parks". (Retrieved October 21st from

Mom's Special Fan!

After picking up my gorilla suit and bib for the race, I had to try it on, two things: (1) The gorilla suit is hot only after wearing it for few minutes. (2) The suit shed like crazy. It was all over me and in the house.... I will have to take into consideration those 2 remarks to get ready for the race. It is going to be interesting but will be Fun no matter what! Perfect timing with Halloween around the corner...

Link to the website race:

The weather was perfect for the race sunny, as usual, and cool enough to wear short and tee shirt underneath my suit. I did not wear the mask, like most of us. You could not see well even and it would have been too hot and uncomfortable.

The only negatives were: No tag for your time and no mile or kilometer marks

I am ready for next year!

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