Friday, May 31, 2013

Pillowcase Dress

Pillowcase Dress

- A Present for Alexias -

Several months ago, I found that great website called Sew Like My Mom. This site has a lot of wonderful sewing ideas and came across this nice and very easy dress tutorial described as the Pillowcase Dress. I thought it was super cute. Since then, I became an Auntie. As I was ready to send a package with some clothes to my niece Alexias, who will be turning 5 months mid June, I remembered that dress, and thought that it would be a perfect addition to the package.


Here is the direct link to Mellisa's tutorial from her site Sew Like My Mom.

Materials: a piece of fabric with pink heart on fuchsia and some white ribbon and white thread.

Size: 12 months

Feedback: The dress was very easy to make follow the tutorial. It took me 2 afternoons. On the first day, I did all the measurements, cutting and ironing the hems. On the second day, I did all the sewing and took care of the ribbons. Because of the design of the dress The little girl will be able to wear it this year and next year and offers the option to wear it with a tee shirt underneath.

Happy Sewing,

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