Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Felt Christmas Tree for Toddlers - Tutorial


Felt Christmas Tree
It is a long over due project that I have been planning to post since December last year. YES, LAST YEAR! Here I am a year later and on time for the Holiday. Last year, I decided to make a felt Xmas tree for our 2 year old to avoid him to play with the real tree and the ornaments. It did work. He enjoys putting his own ornaments on his tree and travels with it all over the house. It is still a success for this year! It is an easy, quick and FUN Project :-)

Time to Decorate the TREE!

- white foam board
- green felt with glitter
- brown felt
- tacky spray
- ribbon
- buttons (depending on the size of your tree)
- glitters (different colors)
- hot glue gun


The Tree
1. Cut the white foam board the dimensions of your choice. I made it a little taller than our little boy. My design was very simple: a triangle and a square on one whole piece.
2. Cut and spray glue the brown felt for the trunk and place it at its location on the white board.
3. Cut the green felt a bit bigger than your tree to have some extra to fold it in the back of the white board. Spray of your glue on the board and put the edge of your piece of felt on the bottom edge, to meet the edge of the brown felt, and apply the felt evenly. Turn your tree and apply some spray glue on the extra felt and fold on the back.

View on the Button Ornament Holders 

Ornament Holders
1. Get some buttons (around 15), spray some of your tacky glue, sprinkle some glitter of you choice all over immediately, and let it dry. I let it alone for the entire afternoon.
2. Place your buttons on your tree suiting your mood. As you can see on the picture, you have 2 different styles of button holders. 1) You just have the button that I hot glued which is perfect for an ornament with a string. 2) I hot glued a ribbon (around 4 inches) with the edges on the top and a button at the same time. You now have a loop to hang a hock for your ornaments which require one.

Note: Get your felt early November is you want to have a choice for the brown.


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