Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Project: Fixing an Ottoman Seat

An Ottoman for FREE (with a broken seat)

Few weeks ago, I got a double seat faux leather ottoman with a wooden tray in the middle for free. Perfect for the playroom to replace the suitcase where we have all sorts of costumes to play dress up. One side of the ottoman would be perfect to put the dress up clothes away and the other side for the trains and train tracks. It would be great for space saving, sitting and extra playing area. The only thing, I had to fix it before having it functional, safe and secure. 
The thing about this piece of furniture, it was free because one of the seat was obviously broken. However it was in overall good condition. My overall goal for this project was to fix the seat at a very low cost by reusing everything taken apart and using things that I already had at home.


On Your Mark, Get Set, Fix It!

Project at a glance

Difficulty level of the project: Easy
Time: 4 hours (including a trip to Home Depot to get a piece of wood)
Cost: $6
Challenge(s): Putting the hinges and side piston by myself. 2 people is better for this task.

Step by Step

  1. I took several pictures of before and during the disassembling of the seat to make sure that I was going to rebuilt it the correct way. I had to consider 2 different layering of staples and screws for the hinges and side furniture piston to put back. I had to know where they were placed exactly. A crew on a staple could not be happening.
  2. I removed all the staples that held the black thin felt like piece of fabric carefully as well as the ones securing the faux leathe cover. This task was long and tedious. It took me 1 hour and a half. 
  3. Assessing the seat problem: I just had to replace piece of wood. I needed a half inch thick of compressed wood which cost me no more than $6. 
    Here is the hidden problem
  4. I measured the dimensions of the original piece of wood and used a jigsaw to cut my new piece of wood.
  5. I tried it on the foam cushion to check if it fit perfectly before stapling again.
  6. I stapled and stretched the leather like fabric back. For the stapling part, I checked the placement of the staples going back to some pictures that I took I the beginning of this project. 
    One side done. Three more to go.
  7. At some point, I noticed that the fabric was slightly ripped. To fix this problem, I cut a small piece of "Duck Tape" (I only had white) and placed it on the inside of the fabric to fold the ripped piece of fabric back in the hole.
    View on the ripped faux leather

    A nice patch using "Duck Tape"
    The seat looks perfect!
    Afterwards, I was able to finish stapling the leather seat cover and the felt fabric on top of the leather. 
  8. I crewed the hinges and side piston back. 2 people are better for this part if you want to do it fast. 
    The new seat is back at its original place.
  9. The seat looks and fit perfectly and the ottoman is a great storage piece of furniture for the messy-fun playroom! 

Having Fun Playing!!!!!

Happy Fixing!

Laetitia :-)

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