Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving Mantel

Thanksgiving Mantel 2012
It is the first time this year that I decorated the mantel for Thanksgiving. My goal was to create a mantel with an earthy and organic touch and keeping the cost at a minimum. For that, I used things that we already have, reuse items for craft projects and add few new props.

On the mantel, you will find:
- The Basket: A big pine corn, different shades and shapes of brown leaves, pieces of bark, cinnamon sticks, a dried squash and pumpkin and small Indian corns with husk.
- Mason Jars: In the big Mason jar you have layers of beans and lentils and in the small one, you have corn kernels.
You will find the tutorial of the layered beans and lentils at the bottom of the page.
- Pine cons
- Indian corns with husks
- Candles
- Ball made out of twinges
- Hand print turkey in a frame

Hand Print Turkey from our little guy from 2011


Project: Manson Jar Layering Tutorial

- Mason jar (20 ounces)
- Beans of different colors and shapes
- Candle
- Elmer's glue
- Raffia
- Small brush
- Small container
- Painting tape


1. Decide how you want to organize your layers in the jar, playing with the colors and heights, by putting the beans on a piece of paper. My layering is composed of pinto beans, yellow lentils, red kidney beans, white beans, Pinto beans, and yellow lentils. The height of each layer is pretty much the same.

2. Fill you jar based on your template until you reach the edge of the jar.

3. Cover the base of the top of the jar with painting tape. 

4. Light a candle and let it warm up until to see some wax forming. Try to match the color of the candle with the color of your last layer. Very carefully tilt the candle to have the wax fall on the top of the beans and cover the entire surface. Turn the candle as you go to get the hot wax running. Let it cool down completely before the next step. This step will set the layering and avoid them to get mix with one another. This gives you more option to store the jar for next year when it is time to put it away, and you can use it over and over.  

5. Put the lid on the jar. Pull out a long and flat string of raffia. you want to open the string to facilitate the gluing part. Pour some glue in the small container and brush the outside of the lid with the brush. Lay the string of raffia where you just applied some glue and press with your fingers. Repeat this step until the raffia has entirely cover the outside of the lead. Let it dry a bit before the next step.

6. Take a sting of raffia, make a knot, and cut where the length suit you. You can had as many hanging strings as you want.

7. Remove the painting tape.

8. The hanging stings might just be sticking up than going down. So, I took a small piece of tape, fold it to have the sticky part on the outside and place it just underneath the knots and press down. It keeps the rebel sting from going allover the place.                                                                 

You are done. You just have to find the perfect stop on your mantel now!

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