Wednesday, December 12, 2012

An Apron for Mom

Nice and Easy Apron to Make with a Matching Towel
- Christmas Present for Mom -

For Mom's Christmas present, I decided to make her an apron. First, I thought about making an apron for the holiday season. Then I realized that she would only be using it few days over the course of the year. So, I picked up 2 different pieces of fabric to make the apron, which could be used anytime during the year and even Christmas time.

Now that I had the fabric, I had to find a not too difficult pattern online and found a great tutorial from the Purl bee. The steps and instructions were very clear and easy to followed. It is definitively a weekend project if you just spend few hours here and there.

I followed the instructions and made few changes to the front pocket and added my personal touch.

- 2 pockets instead of 3
- Sewed a piece of red fabric on the top of black pocket with a piece of the ribbon (the same as the one to tie the apron) that I ironed on to give more depth to the pocket.

Pocket and Towel

Make with Love

Personal Touch:
I stitched with some red thread my nickname on this cute label saying "Made with love by Titia" and ironed it on the inside of the apron, on the top left side. The label is called Lovelabels from from La Mode.

An Addition to the Apron:
After making the apron it felt that something was missing. I decided to make a towel using the same piece of fabric as the apron using one of my towel collection as template. The towel is 16.5 by 21.5 inches (finish product with bias). The towel is a nice and simple addition to the apron (see picture above).

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