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Homemade Christmas Fabric Gift Bags with a Tag Tutorial and A Chocolate Bag Too!

After making some personalized fabric gift bags earlier this year to celebrate the birth of my cousins' babies (homemade fabric gift bags), it gave me the idea to to the same for Christmas.

Below, you will find:
- 4 different bags
- A tutorial for the Christmas tags.

Update: (November 26th, 2013)
A small bag for chocolate ;-)

  • Small Bag
Bag for Elise - Front of the bag
Side View 

1 piece of fabric with pattern, a plain ribbon and matching thread.

Length: 9
Depth: 3.5
Width: 4.5

Top of the Small Bag

The Design:
The hem for the ribbon is right at the top of the bag. It is around 1.25 inches wide to pass a 1 inch ribbon.
I sewed a ribbon the entire width and pined a safety pin to attached a tag (check the tutorial for more detail).

  • Bigger Bags
                Style A

Bag for Orianne

1 piece of fabric with pattern, a plain ribbon (2.5 inches wide) and matching thread.

Length: 18
Depth: 6.5
Width: 11

The Design:
The ribbon was sewn as the same time as both lengths of the pieces of fabric. The ribbon is around 2 inches from the top. However, a bit lower would look better.
To add some character to the bag, I made a bell Christmas tag.

Doubled Stamp Tag

Christmas Tag Tutorial:

- a generic design stamp saying "To" and "From"
- water color paint,
- brushes,
- safety pins,
- scrap paper,
- hole puncher,
- pen
- pieces of strong paper

Tag with Bells
  1. Cut a piece of a strong paper a bit bigger than the stamp to allow some space for a hole to pass the safety pin
  2. Take the hole puncher and make a hole on your piece of paper where you would like. 
  3. Apply water color of your choice on the stamp. make sure the color/water combination is somewhat thick. 
  4. Using your wet stamp, push down once or twice on your scrap paper before cancelling your stamp on your cut piece of paper (step 1). Let it dry. Then, complete the text from the stamp using a pen.
  5. Slide 3 small gold bells in a green wire, pass it in the round end of a small gold color safety pin and till it all together until it looked well secure. 
  6. Open the safety pin, put it through the hole of your paper and pin it to your bag where it looks nice to you.

                Style B 

Matching Bags

Bag for Mom with tie in the middle of the bag 

After making different design of bag, I searched for a unique style, and I found this great idea for the top of the bag from Make It Perfect with tutorial. Make sure to check it out.

Bag for Dad 

Material for 1 bag:
2 different pieces of fabric and matching thread.

Length: 16.5
Depth: 4.5
Width: 13

The Design:
The tie of the bag is on the outside. It is in a top strip sewed around 1 inch from the top of the bag and 1 and 1/2 inches wide.
The opening of the strip can be on the side (green bag) or in the middle (red bag).
The tie was made out of fabric matching the top strip and is around 1.25 inches wide and around 26 inches long .
A rectangular piece of fabric was sewn around 1/3 of the length of the bag from the top to pin a Christmas tag.

Close view at the strip
Tie on the side of the bag

A Sweet Chocolate Bag

  • A Small Bag for Chocolate
We bought a BIG bag of Lindt chocolate from Coscto and I had the idea to make a small bag. It is an inexpensive way to give chocolate instead of buying a whole box for everyone. The bag can hold between 7 and 8 pieces of chocolate. It is a very easy bag to make and done in 30 minutes.

1 piece of fabric, ribbon (1/8 in.) and matching thread .

Length: 7.5
Depth: 1.25
Width: 2

The Design:
I folded the fabric in half with the strong edge (do not know how the part is called) being the top of the bag to avoid extra sewing. I am referring to the one side which has a bias embedded within the fabric itself. The tie of the bag is on the outside. It is in a top strip sewed around 1 inch from the top of the bag and 1 and 1/2 inches wide.
The seam, which hold the entire bag, is on the back and boxed the bottom. It gives a nice clean look on the front.
The ribbon  (15 inches long) was sewn on the outside of the bag (the back side) by hand and placed around 1.5 inches from the top.
View of the back

Happy Sewing!

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